Gemfast is available for free with a ELv2 license or as a licensed version with a commercial license and support.

Why is it not free

Mike Perham, the creator of the popular gem sidekiq helped inpire the decision. He built a business around an open-source project that allowed him to work full-time on it which benefits the users because they get new features and updates regularly. That’s the dream!

Features: Paid vs Licensed

$0/year $299/year
Private Gem Hosting
Automatic HTTPS
Debian Installer
GitHub Auth
Gem Filtering
Gem CVE Scanning
Commercial Friendly License

ELv2 Version

Gemfast is available to use for free with a limited feature set. To use the free version, download and install the product following the documentation and start the server without providing a license key.

The free version of Gemfast supports:

  • Private Gem Hosting
  • Automatic HTTPS
  • Pre-Packed .deb Installer

Licensed Version

Gemfast licenses are available as an annual subscription. Buying a license enables all features of Gemfast for production use for 1 server instance. Your subscription will automatically renew every year unless it is canceled.

It is recommended that you purchase any licenses using a group email account so the license is not attached to any one employee’s email address.

Paid versions of Gemfast include a commercial friendly license instead of the ELv2 license of the free version.

Getting Started