Backup and Restore

This document covers creating backups and restoring from a backup

Creating Backups

There are two directories to backup Gemfast:

  • /var/gemfast - all data including gems, database, etc.
  • /etc/gemfast - configuration data

It is recommended to create periodic backups by compressing and moving these two folders to an off-server location like Amazon S3 or similar.

For example:

sudo tar czf "gemfast_backup_$(date +%s).tar.gz" /var/gemfast /etc/gemfast

Restoring From a Backup

To restore from a backup, unpack the backed up folders to their original locations and start up the Gemfast server.

tar xvf gemfast_backup_1689105521.tar.gz
sudo mv ./var/gemfast /var/
sudo mv ./etc/gemfast /etc/
sudo chmod -R gemfast:gemfast /var/gemfast
sudo chmod -R gemfast:gemfast /etc/gemfast
sudo systemctl restart gemfast.service

Deploying Gemfast
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