Basic Setup

Start a Gemfast server with a few basic commands and configurations. For more detailed configuration see "Configuring Gemfast".

The Gemfast configuration file uses hcl. By default it is located at /etc/gemfast/gemfast.hcl. The default configuration is commented out because Gemfast uses sensible defaults as much as possible.

Auth Modes

Gemfast includes 3 different auth modes - none, local and GitHub. The easist way to enable auth is by using local mode. With local mode you can add and remove users directly in the Gemfast configuration file. See the configuration page for details

auth "local" {
    user {
        username = "bobvance"
        password = "passw0rd"
        role     = "write"


The default configuration will mirror automatically but you can mirror any gem server using the following:

mirror "" {}

For the complete configuration reference see Configuring Gemfast.

Starting The Gemfast Serice

The debian package installation uses systemd to manage Caddy and the Gemfast server. Run the following to start the servers now and on system startup:

sudo systemctl enable gemfast.service --now

Check the docker page If using the docker image.

Configuring Gemfast